* All of these shoes have been crystallized by hand. Loss of crystals is normal occurrence. Each pair comes with additional crystals in a pouch for any repair, however…WEAR WITH CARE!


Welcome to Crystal Obsession!

You have entered the house of comfort, style and attitude where the words WOMEN, SHOES & BLING are synonymous!

Jill Ann Marie, founder of Crystal Obsession, has selected only the most comfortable and affordable styles that look beautiful all the time! Each pair goes through an attitude adjustment adorning them with only Swarovski crystals! "I do it all myself! If the stones aren't applied just so, they will fall off." Pair them with a glam bikini, sumptuous dress, mini skirt, or better yet your favorite jeans and let these sparkly numbers shine......

Show off your sexy legs and feet! Stand out in a crowd, make a statement and you too will aquire a "CRYSTAL OBSESSION."








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